Sunday, October 04, 2015
Teacher Training Courses
~ Before you've practiced, the theory is useless. After you've practiced, the theory is obvious ~

IndeaYoga is the the yogic system developed and employed by Yogacharya Bharath Shetty at  Ānanda Yoga India and Yoga Bharata shalas. “Dea” is Sanksrit for ”light”.  The philosophy of the IndeaYoga system is to activate each practitioner’s inner light. Ānanda  is the Sanskrit for ‘bliss’ and Bharata is the Sanskrit for ‘land of  knowledge’.

With different programs in Mysore, IndeaYoga offers intelligent yoga classes for all levels along with a variety of workshops, philosophy, Pranayama, meditation sessions and teacher training.  The professional, creative and affable teachers at IndeaYoga are here to offer you a high level of education in a pleasant ambiance without any pressure.  Our motto is ‘Nā hathath, nā bhalath’ (no force, no pressure).