Yoga therapy for Glaucoma caused by Ocular Hypertension
Posted By:- Paula Schirrmacher
Date:- 2015
Pregnancy and Yoga
Posted By:- Olga Zarechna
Date:- March 2015
Scoliosis and Yoga
Posted By:- David Lee
Date:- March 2015
Yoga Therapy for Disc Degeneration Disease
Posted By:- Victoria Watkin
Date:- Dec 2014
Healing Menstruation Related Disorders Through Yoga
Posted By:- Brittany Woodard
Date:- March 2015
Yoga & Stroke
Posted By:- Duncan Rice
Date:- March 2015
Classic Migraine How yoga can minimise symptoms and improve quality of life
Posted By:- Jessica Dewar
Date:- 25-3-2015
How Do We Treat Neck Pain?
Posted By:- Pan Shu-Hua's
Posted By:- Sari Skinnider
Date:- 20th Dec 2014
Raynaud's Phenomenon
Posted By:- Ian Revins
Date:- 19-12-2014
Posted By:- Tizianna Berrondo
Date:- 15th Dec 2014
Posted By:- Jung Mi Park
Date:- 15th Dec 2014
Yoga for Depression
Posted By:- David Slimmon
Date:- 15th Dec 2014
INDEAYOGA SHIKSHAKA Arundhati Baitmangalkar’s article in Seattle Yoga News: Yoga In India vs. Yoga In America
Posted By:- Arundhati Baitmangalkar
Date:- Saturday, August 2nd, 2014
Posted By:- Sylvana Gelinas
Date:- July-2014
Stress & Yoga
Posted By:- Qiu Ong
Date:- Dec, 2014
High Blood Pressure & Yoga
Posted By:- Minami Kamiyama
Date:- Dec, 2014
Migraine & Yoga
Posted By:- Petra Berntsson
Date:- Dec, 2014
Insomnia & Yoga Study
Posted By:- Mariza Smith
Date:- Dec, 2014
Knee Problems & Yoga
Posted By:- Elena Messi
Date:- Dec, 2014
Digestive Disorders & Yoga
Posted By:- Claire Butters
Date:- Dec, 2014
Hypothyroidism Redaction & Yoga
Posted By:- Anne Valeri
Date:- Dec, 2014
Memory and Concentration
Posted By:- Naropa Moller
Date:- Dec, 2014
Yoga for Skin Diseases
Posted By:- Anna Mayer
Date:- Dec, 2014
A Yogic View On Our Vision
Posted By:- Jürgen Mayer
Date:- Dec, 2014
Thesis on Lumbar Sondylolisthesis
Posted By:- Gabriela Byrne
Date:- Dec, 2014
Allergies & Hypersensitivity
Posted By:- Gerald Zollner
Date:- Dec, 2014
Femoral Anterior Glide Syndrome
Posted By:- Julia Romano
Date:- Dec, 2014
Yoga for Prevention & Healing Myocardial Infarction
Posted By:- Daniel Benito Po
Date:- March, 2014
Posted By:- Sangeetha Jairam Ghosh
Date:- March, 2014
Asthma & Yoga
Posted By:- Matti Pääaho
Date:- March, 2014
Thyroid Disease and Yoga Therapy
Posted By:- Sabina Mykas
Date:- March, 2014
Yoga Therapy and Digestive Dis-eases
Posted By:- Karl Pohio
Date:- March, 2014



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